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Chameleon Personal Development Education (PDE) is a proven provider of resources, training, pupil voice and consultancy. They help schools enrich the personal development of their students. Finalists in the Education Resources Awards, their flexible and editable resources are ideally suited to international schools who need to create a bespoke personal development curriculum. Their experienced and supportive team has over 25 years' experience in this field of education. If you are looking to empower your staff and prepare students for life beyond school, they have the solutions. They already work with a range of international schools and welcome more partner schools from international settings to join us. *** Exclusive ISN offer! *** Chameleon are offering all ISN members: - A free (no obligation) consultation on any aspect of PSHE - Free onboarding staff training session for any ISN member that makes a purchases with Chameleon PDE To find out more 'get an introduction' below.

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Recent articles from Chameleon PDE

  1. New Article

    Is everybody doing it? The (often surprising) facts you learn when consulting with students

    The teenage years are a time of exploration, rapid brain development, physical maturity and increased risk-taking. Angela Milliken-Tull managing director of Chameleon PDE outlines how good quality personal development/health and wellbeing programmes can effectively support students navigate the choppy waters of adolescence but how do we really know which areas we need to focus on?

    • Leadership,
    • Physical & Health Education,
    • Wellbeing
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    Angela Milliken-Tull
  2. Why LGBTQ+ inclusive RSE is essential in every school - Part Two

    In part 2 of this article series, Richard Palmer of Chameleon PDE considers some contextual challenges of including LGBTQ+ as part of students’ personal development curriculum

    • Curriculum & Assessment,
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice,
    • Professional Development,
    • Wellbeing
    Read article 2 minute read
    Richard Palmer
  3. Why LGBTQ+ inclusive RSE is essential in every school - Part One

    In the first article of this series, Richard Palmer of Chameleon PDE reviews evidence showing how important and beneficial LGBTQ+ inclusive sex and relationship education is for all students

    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice,
    • Safeguarding,
    • Wellbeing
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    Richard Palmer

Chameleon PDE's recent questions

  1. Is vaping becoming the 'new' health concern in your setting?

    • Wellbeing
    Asked by: Angela Milliken-Tull on 27/10/2022
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  2. How has students' personal development and their acquisition of life skills suffered as a result of the pandemic. What can we do to help them catch up?

    • Safeguarding,
    • Wellbeing,
    • Work Skills & Global Citizenship
    1 answers
    Asked by: Richard Palmer on 20/10/2022
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