Angela Milliken-Tull

Managing Director

Chameleon PDE

I have over 25 years’ experience working in education and public health. I have experience in the secondary and university sector and am a public health specialist. My keen interest in developing and utilising robust survey data to capture student voice ensures the development of up-to-date relevant resources that meet the personal development needs of students across a wide range of settings. I have held regional and national roles developing a range of training programmes and resources and have led successful health improvement projects. I am committed to health improvement through effective education delivered by confident, empowered teachers.

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  1. Is everybody doing it? The (often surprising) facts you learn when consulting with students

    The teenage years are a time of exploration, rapid brain development, physical maturity and increased risk-taking. Angela Milliken-Tull managing director of Chameleon PDE outlines how good quality personal development/health and wellbeing programmes can effectively support students navigate the choppy waters of adolescence but how do we really know which areas we need to focus on?

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    • School Leadership,
    • Wellbeing
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    Angela Milliken-Tull

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