Commercial Partner FAQ's


Q: What is The International Schools Network (ISN)? 

ISN is a new online platform for international schools and their educators. Members and partners will be invited to collaborate, ask questions, raise discussions and share insights and best practice.  

We believe that connecting with like-minded peers on the topics they are passionate about, in a truly collaborative and open environment, will empower educators around the world to build meaningful connections, and communal networks and ultimately help develop their own tailored professional learning journey. 

Partnering with ISN means being able to collaborate and build conversations directly with international educators. You will be able to position yourself as the go to expert in your field by sharing evergreen thought leadership content which will engage and resonate with our members, putting you at the forefront of their minds when they’re considering their next supplier.  


Q: Who makes up the ISN community? 

There are 3 types of community members: 

  1. Members: educators or staff who currently work at an international school 
  1. Experts: individuals who have specialist experience or expertise within the sector  
  1. Partners: companies who have specialist experience or expertise within the sector  


Q: Who are your members and where are they based? 

ISN is a global network of international educators. We have an even split of members based in SE Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North and South America. 80% of our members are in mid or senior leadership roles within their school, meaning you’ll be able to connect directly with decision-makers. 


Q: Why partner with ISN? 

ISN provides a unique marketing opportunity for you to engage and build conversations directly with your target audience. ISN is about educating and empowering your target audience, to create more business opportunities and position you as a trusted 'top-of-mind expert' educators can rely on, setting you apart from all the other noise out there when educators are looking for a solution.  


Q: What commitment is ISN making to growing the network? 

ISN was soft-launched to our founding members (~200 members) at the end of April 2022. A full launch will follow in September 2022, following rigorous site testing, seeing the introduction of additional features based on founding member feedback. 

Upon full launch, an announcement will go to our LinkedIn community of 3,100+ followers, and we will launch the network directly to our international school database of over 30,000+ educators. In addition, our existing community of content partners and founding members will be promoting ISN to their networks to drive referrals. 


Q: How can I interact with my target audience?  

ISN allows you to regularly share valuable, thought leadership-led, non-promotional content at scale, building your credibility, visibility and expertise across the sector. You will have the opportunity to ask and answer questions, building conversations across the network.  


Q: Can ISN help with content? 

ISN will support you to develop content ideas, helping you to build your thought-leadership in topic areas that resonate across our community. You can submit your content copy directly to [email protected]. We will review your content to ensure it is print-ready. If you would like to explore asking ISN to create content for you, this can be arranged as an additional service.  


Q: How will ISN help promote my content? 

ISN will promote your content to the ISN community, and through our LinkedIn and email campaigns. Your content will also be shared with Edco’s database of over 30,000 international educators to ensure you reach a wider network of international educators 


Q: Can I share my ISN content with my wider network? 

Each piece of ISN content will be given a bitly link, which will allow you to share your content across your wider network.   


Q: Can you ensure when repurposed existing content that it doesn't negatively affect our SEO? 

Any content that is repurposed from existing content can be done through a canonical tag which will tell search engines that the content on your site is the original content.  


Q: How will I know how well my content is performing? 

You can track your engagement through logging into your account or by asking your Account Manager. ISN will provide regular engagement feedback on content that is performing well.  


Q: How do I update my page? 

You can update your partner page by emailing [email protected] with any new information. If you want to update your staff member page, then you can do that by logging into your account. If you are having any problems logging in please contact [email protected] for support.  


Q: How will we stand out if the network becomes saturated with too many suppliers? 

ISN will always be selective about the partnerships we create to retain the value for each partner. We agree on exclusively focused topic areas with you to ensure you remain a thought leader within the network. In future, we would like to explore the opportunity for subject sponsors to boost your visibility across the network and set you apart as the ‘go-to’ supplier.  


If you have any other questions please email [email protected]